PEARL FFXPMD1412 Snare Drum



The FFXPMD1412 Championship Medalist Pipe Snare Drum is the new light-weight envy of the Pipe Snare Drum Market. Weighing in at only 13.8 pounds, this is lightest professional grade Pipe snare on the market. Featuring a 4-ply Birch shell with 2-ply reinforcement rings, the tone production is brilliant and the Medalist’s precesion cut snare beds provide unmatched crack and snare response.

BIRCH SHELL 4 ply Birch Shell + 2 ply Reinforcement Rings for a Bright Optimum Tone
TOP DRUM HEAD Pearl "Cybermax" Kevlar Head by Remo
PROTECTION GUARDS Steel Snare Guards for Extra Protection
NEW TOP & BOTTOM SNARE STRAINER Chrome Snare Wire Increases Brightness
ALUMINUM EDGE RING AND RIMS Relieves Shell Tension to withstand today's super high tensioning
TOP THROW OFF SYSTEM Exterior Access to Top Snare Adjustment for easy tuning
BOTTOM SHELL CUT 45 Degree Bearing Edge for a Great Cutting Sound
CARRIERS Compatiable with Pearl MX T-Frame and CX Airframe Carriers

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