Bagpiper Gauge


The key to great bagpipe tone is steady bag pressure. The Bagpipe Gauge is an incredibly powerful tool to help pipers improve their steadiness. It gives you instant visual feedback, showing you the exact amount of pressure required to play your pipes and showing you exactly how steady you are keeping the pressure.

Simply plug the Bagpipe Gauge into one of your drones and attach the Bagpipe Gauge to your blowpipe. Strike up your pipes and watch the steadiness of your bag pressure. You'll be amazed at your instant improvement.

For beginners, you will learn to play your pipes faster and with greater control. The added visual dimension of the Bagpipe Gauge will enhance and speed up your progress as you build stamina and skill, and as you learn to listen to the steadiness of your tone.

For advanced players, you will be able to take your steadiness to even greater levels which will allow to tune your instrument with greater precision.

The pressure display on the Bagpipe Gauge is more accurate, has faster response, and gives more precise feedback than any other device, such as electronic tuner or homemade water manometer.

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