SIGMA PIPE CHANTER REED - by Pipe Major James Murray


The SIGMA PIPE CHANTER REED is the summation of years of research, design, testing and manufacturing experience. 

From sourcing the best quality materials from around the world for manufacturing, to the design of a new brass staple, the SIGMA PIPE CHANTER REED has been designed with YOU, the player, in mind.

 Each reed is made from imported handpicked Spanish cane, and only the most suitable area of the raw tube material is used during manufacturing. 

 This attention to detail reinforces the longevity of each and every reed.

 A heavier gauge GOLD thread has been utilised to tie all these components together.

 Look for the mark of quality. Look for the GOLD thread. 

Minimum orders of 5 reeds are required. If you wish to mix the strength of reeds please email us direct,

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